The Connection and Difference Of Food Allergies and Eczema

Food allergies and eczema, it is very easy to confuse both since they show similar symptoms, especially for young children. To help you out, you need to take note of this article.

Eczema is a skin condition or disorder that includes skin thickening, itching, and scaling. Sometimes in severe cases it can include blisters, inflammation with puss and infection. Eczema usually affects the area around the face, elbows, arms, and knees. Anybody from different ages can be affected with eczema. However, when this happens it happens to very young children, parents can commonly confuse it with food allergies, or sometimes thought that eczema is due to food allergies. But studies show that this is false and when you continue to believe in this, it can harm your child. That is because when you think that eczema is due to food allergies, you have the tendency to limit your child’s diet, in which it can reduce your child’s immunity and can result to the breakout of eczema. It is recommended that before you decide to limit your child’s diet, you need to go to the paediatrician for consultation.

Food Allergies and Eczema
Food Allergies and Eczema

Take this lesson from the case of a 6 months old baby girl who has severe case of eczema. Her mother thought that her baby is suffering from lactose intolerance, so shifted to diet that is lactose free, but the cild doesn’t like the taste of lactose- free products, so the mother decided to give choose soy- based milk. Having shifted to soy, the symptoms reduced but after a few weeks the symptoms re- appeared again.

After all these confusion, if you were the mother would you still give your baby girl soy- based milk after it re- occurred? Or use the lactose- free formula again.

Although in some cases food allergies can indeed trigger the breakout of eczema, there is no study that proves that the baby’s eczema is due to the lactose free formula.

In the baby girl’s case, it is believed that the baby girl’s allergies might be caused the protein in the milk or even from the soy proteins, but is unlikely that it is caused by lactose, which is sugar.

When the same thing happens to you and confuse between food allergies and eczema, be sure to consult your doctor first.

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